Christina Tobin

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit non-partisan organization with a mission to broaden electoral choices through education and direct positive action. Founded in 2008 by electoral reform and voters’ rights leader Christina Tobin, Free & Equal leads national, state and local efforts to open the electoral process in the United States.

Free & Equal hosts all-inclusive gubernatorial, Presidential and senatorial debates, including the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Presidential debates moderated by Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Chris Hedges, Broadcast Legend Larry King, Thom Hartmann of Free Speech TV, and Emmy Award Winning Actor Ed Asner.

Since 2009, Free & Equal has hosted annual electoral reform symposiums uniting intellectuals and experts to share, debate and offer reforms to the flawed U.S. electoral system.

In 2014, Free & Equal launched United We Stand, a festival and tour uniting the younger generations with musicians, artists and thought leaders to promote political and cultural change.

Free & Equal’s latest project is creating a blockchain Election Assistant App to empower voters with information about ALL their candidate choices.

* More Voices, More Choices * www.freeandequal.org


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